Remote Viewing / Fibre-Optics

Remote Viewing / Fibre-Optics

This inspection technique is used primarily to inspect the internal weld finish on small bore stainless steel bio-bore pipework.

In industries such as Food, Brewing and Pharmaceutical the quality of finish / condition of product contact surfaces is vital to the manufacturing process.

Fibre-optics / Remote viewing is the ideal inspection technique to confirm that required quality levels of weld surface finish are being achieved. The equipment is highly portable and service can be provided in the fabrication workshop on the construction site or in a live production environment.

Enhanced Image Quality

Navigating the smallest pipes to the largest dark spaces, a VideoProbe system can fully illuminate challenging locations. With improved lenses, digital-signal processing and an extra bright, high resolution, wide VGA LCD screen. The video probe delivers the highest quality image available on the marketplace. Bright, distinct inspection images allow for fast defect identification and decision making.

All-Way probe articulation and high-output illumination can shed light into the darkest crevices and corners, delivering sharp, clear images. Sophisticated image controls include an adjustable brightness feature. Automatic or manual exposure allows full control in any inspection environment.