Thickness Gauging

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

This technique is used to establish material thickness and monitor corrosion rates in pipework, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and steel structures.

While the normal employment of ultrasonic thickness measurement is on metal and metal alloys, the technique can be used on a wide range of other materials ranging from Glass, Plastic, rubber to castings.

The principal use of industrial ultrasonic testing, ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) is a method of performing non-destructive measurement of the local thickness of a solid element (typically made of metal, if using ultrasound testing for industrial purposes) basing on the time taken by the ultrasound wave to return to the surface. This type of measurement is typically performed using a calibrated ultrasonic thickness gauge.

The equipment is light weight, robust and highly portable, results are instant. If necessary testing can be carried out through paintwork.