Welder Training & Consultancy

Welder Training & Consultancy

EIS is a leading provider of welder training, testing and certification for all weld techniques and processes. Our services include;

  • On site welder training 
  • BS EN9606-1 2013 Qualification test for welders
  • ASME IX – Qualification test for welders

Today, Industry quality and demands for traceability, require that experienced welders using historically time-honoured techniques must be certified in accordance with their employers approved weld procedures.

“Welder certification is based on specially designed tests to determine a welder’s skill and ability to deposit sound weld metal. The welder’s tests consist of many variables, including the specific welding process, type of metal, thickness, joint design, position, and others. Most often, the test is conducted in accordance with a particular code. The tests can be administered under the auspices of a national or international organization, such as the American Welding Society (AWS), or American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), but manufacturers may specify their own standards and requirements as well. Welders can also be certified in specific welding related professions: for example, American Welding Society certifies welding inspectors and welding instructors, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers certifies high capacity fossil fuel fired plant operators and several other professions. Most certifications expire after a certain time limit, and have different requirements for renewal or extension of the certification.”

EIS can examine contract documentation & establish customer welding demands and requirements. We can design efficient weld procedures that will provide maximum approval range. We will examine and advise on the welding techniques being employed.

Once welder test requirements have been established we can carry out an assessment to evaluate the welders current skill level. This allows us to set realistic targets for short efficient on-site training programs, that will lead to appropriate welder certification.

This exercise also allows the employer to categorise the skill level for each welder and in so doing will permit the allocation of tasks suitable to the welders certified skill level.

In accordance with standards such as BS EN9606-1 2013 Qualification test for welders, ASME IX. AWS CWB and DIN

Welder certification test range in all conventional weld processes vary from Fillet welds welded in a flat position to pipes welded in a fixed 45° (HLO 45 / 6G) position.