Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis or investigation is the process of collecting and analysing facts or data to determine the root cause of a failure.

This involves collecting data about operating conditions, visual examination of the failed product or component, fractography, non-destructive testing, evaluation of mechanical and chemical properties, metallography-microscopy, spectroscopy, analysis of the facts and findings, root cause conclusion and recommendations to prevent the failure from recurring.

This process is vital for all industries to prevent failure of components which can cost loss of production or more importantly injuring person or community.

The process of identifying the root cause and implementing preventive actions reduces the risk of injuries, reduces the downtime and increases productivity in the mining industries, offshore and shipping industry and heavy engineering industries.

Most of the quality endorsed organisations and insurance companies ensures that failure investigations are performed to reduce the risk of failure in future.

The combination of these professionals from different speciality ensures that the most probable root cause is concluded and the best preventive measures are recommended.